Deadsiege is a top-down Action RPG game set in an ancient fantasy world with a massive selection of weapons, items and outfit. Player as a warrior travels on a long journey, fighting to release the lands are occupied by evil. Explore the world and battle vicious enemies, collect unique equipment, level up your character, grow your talent tree and unleash powerful skills to wipe out your foes.


Deadsiege is Null Pointer Studios' first commercial title on PC and was developing since late 2016, powered by Unreal Engine 4.


  • Combat: Switch between blade and bow weapons. Dive down on enemies, dodge attacks, use blade against melee enemies and bow against ranged enemies
  • Loot System: Randomly generated items with common, rare, epic and legendary classes of loot, give you the opportunity to build your character the way you want
  • Spell System: A diverse spell system includes AoE, damage over time, disable and Stats modifier effects.
  • Talent Tree: Grow your Talent Tree and unleash powerful skills. Become more powerful as you advance through the game.
  • Character Stats: Level up your character and adjust Vitality, Strength, Defense, and Intelligence stats. You can choose physical and magical builds or mix of both.
  • Inventory: Choose your weapons, equipment, create your ultimate monster-slaying build.


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Deadsiege – an Action RPG Game:
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About Null Pointer Studio

Null Pointer Studio is one man independent game studio and currently working on his first commercial game Deadsiege on PC platform.
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Deadsiege Credits

Truong Bui
Programmer & Designer