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Null Pointer Studio is a small independent game studio, founded by Truong Bui back in 2013 when he started making games as a hobbyist. Truong was fascinated about video games since young, it later became a passion for making games and the technology behind the games. He had a strong desire to bring his idea to fruition and shared it with the world. In early 2020, he released Deadsiege, his first game on the PC platform after 3.5 years of development.

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Enter the apocalyptic fantasy world filled with monsters and demons, become the only warrior experiences intense combats and slay thousands of enemies in an epic action RPG.

About This Game

Heavily inspired by old classic genres, Deadsiege is a top-down Action RPG game set in an ancient fantasy world with a massive selection of weapons, items and outfit. Explore the world and battle vicious enemies, collect unique equipment, level up your character, grow your talent tree and unleash powerful skills to wipe out your foes. Deadsiege features straightforward character development and dynamic combat system.


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